InMoov – Robot

InMoov is my version of open-source life-size animatronic robot by Gael Langevin, French sculptor and model-maker. The robot is made ​​entirely with my 3D printer.
Gael is a Genius and generous artist that shares the printer files and assembly instructions on his dedicated blog: !


  • gael says:

    Great work, will you make videos? At first on thingiverse, I was surprised with your choice color, but now that I see it all together, it makes him look like a super heroe robot.
    Are you using MRL?

  • gael says:

    MRL is the software I use for to control the robot. Google search: Myrobotlab.
    There is a service for InMoov and if you need I can send you a script to start an easy control of the robot.

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