Session musicians at your finger tips.

You don’t need to hire a studio to book a session musician any more. Session players are turning to online services to make the process even easier for their clients.

I work with producers around the world who hire me to record diatonic harmonica parts for their songs via the web.

Typically a producer will send me an MP3 or WAV of their track and they will also provide a brief and sometimes a written score to work from.

When we’ve established what the producer wants, I’ll record some basic takes.

Then I mix down a preview MP3 to email back to the producer, with my newly recorded harmonica.

They’ll give me their feedback and advice for recording the next take.

When the producer is satisfied, I mix down just the harmonica stem, and upload it for them to drop into their project file.

Feel free to check out some of my work on youtube included my solist album on this website.

Music genres
Blues, Country, R&B, Rock, Pop, Etnic, Gypsy Jazz and Jazz Manouche are my favorites styles.

I have a Protools studio with Neumann mics and Universal Audio valve preamps.

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